February 2016

Class was fun today. Everyone seems relaxed while playing with more confidence.  While playing together we’ve discovered that our new instruments are not tuned in the same way as our original set, so today some musicians needed to shift starting points on several instruments in order to create a more harmonious ensemble.

Musicans’ Reflections:

LAURA:   I really love the work we do in this class/workshop! It has been more difficult this time around since it’s monthly.   I have also been more worried this time around since our performance is coming up soon and we haven’t had as much ensemble time as I feel I need.

JANET:   From the first, I have always struggled to play with others, and this is still my greatest weakness. Now a can figure out how to jump back in, so I am happy with this progress. I hope that I will be able to perform with fluidity when the time comes. I will need extra time to make this happen.

RITA:  Yikes! Just when I was beginning to feel more confident playing the roneat daek, I had to shift keys since it’s tuned differently than our original ensemble. Now I’m playing it one step lower, and while this fits with the other instruments and adds some color to the ensemble, it sounds like a minor key and feels very different to me.   I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but now I’m feeling less confident about our concert on May 4.